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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Where did the Heliflex Go?

Dedicated followers of this blog, all 13 (bless you) may wonder why an earlier post or two about a recaltricant V-Tronix VHF aerial has been removed. Well, it's a long story, involving a fierce email exchange with the makers, from whom I am awaiting a definitive reply as to why an aerial consisting of a spring, base plate, bracket, rubber grommet and two set screws should cost £51, rather than £5.10 (a healthy margin, I would have thought).

The importers  were quick to explain the fundamentals of electronic marketing (margins, cost of materials, packaging etc) but I was still not convinced. In short they offered me a free aerial to shut me up (which I have reluctantly declined) preferring to see if my soldering technique and heat shrinking ability will prolong its life. After all, we are told to recycle if possible.

So, pending a definitive reply as to why this collection of simple bits and pieces warrants half a hundred quid, I will say no more. If any reader with knowledge of FarEast manufacture (this thing is assembled in Korea) can put a price on it, please let me know.

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