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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Working with Your Hands Good (says the BBC)

Just read an intriguing article on the BBC website about the sense of true achievement that can only come from working with your hands, as against cobbling up advertising slogans, shuffling papers or watching a computer screen for eight hours a day in a London office.

Here's the opening paragraph, the rest is well worth reading.

If the new year and inevitable return to work leaves you yearning for change, is working with your hands the answer?

The time for reflection is nigh - a new year, a new you. But is that workstation you've slotted back into looking depressingly familiar? 

As millions of workers drag themselves back into the office to contemplate another 12 months of drudgery, many will be wondering if they are in the right job. 

Writer and mechanic Matthew Crawford thinks a lot of us would be better off trading in our mouse for a screwdriver. His recent book, The Case for Working With Your Hands, has been a huge hit in his native United States, praised by critics and politicians alike. 

Mr Crawford, who used to run a Washington think tank but now mends motorbikes, says it is no wonder people are miserable at work. Jobs have become so specialised and process driven that it is hard to see what difference you are making. And in those rare cases where one's impact is obvious, the result may seem pointless.

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  1. I agree that doing a bit of work with your hands is very therapeutic and de-stressing. However transitioning from a hobby to a business could be just as stressful and I wonder if you might just end up in the same problem doing all of the stuff you hate like invoicing and sorting out tax returns having even less time for the hands on work that you wanted to do in the first place.

    The IET also did a good review of Matthew Crawford's book.