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Friday, 11 February 2011

Coville Update

I don't intend to post updates on  Thomas Coville's round the world progress, which you can track on

But I do like the way the French sailors describe their world in a completely different way to us Anglo Saxons. Compare Moitessier's book about the Golden Globe with Robin Knox-Johnston's. Both great books, but oh, the difference in language.

From Coville's recent report comes a phrase that is pure Moitessier.

"Every cloud is a seller of dreams."

The dream being to harness the wind that clouds so often signal. And, 800 or so miles behind record-holder Joyon, he needs to up the pace with 19,400 nm to go.

On a more prosaic note, what is Coville himself trying to sell? The answer lies below... Would you risk life and limb to flog a few more pots of, if my French serves me, little vegetables and beef crumble? Vraiment, les francais sont fous, non?

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