Off she goes, Iain Oughtred's slightly foreshortened Penny Fee, at 15ft. Sails by Jeckells, spars by the wonderful Jeremy Freeland at Collars. The rest by Messrs Burke and Morgan (that's Jonny by the way...)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Shipwrights Ahoy?

I just had this email from a fellow in Forres (incidentally the name of my old prep school, where small boys were kept in line with a sharp tap on the back of the knees with a boxwood ruler  - "never did me any harm..." etc etc - but that's another story).

Maybe someone out there can help him, as for sure my shed is way too small to accommodate his boat. I can put you in touch.

Dear Mr Morgan

I follow your articles in Classic Boats [sic] with interest and note your plaintiff [sic] tone as regards obtaining sufficient paying jobs. I own a 1936 50sq.m. windfall yacht, Seawraith, previously Seegeist, purchased as a retirement project. 

However, in my "retirement" I am busier than ever (in gainful self-employment as a forester) and despairing of ever finding time to complete the boat. I am not interested in the complete replacement of every vestige of the original, intending to keep her very much intact, repairing rather than replacing. 

The meticulous rebuild of beautiful classics retaining the odd bit of original boat as a token appals me.

Seawraith is presently lying in Forres, Moray, under a light protective roof (which itself may require rebuilding if I don't get my finger out). If we did come to an arrangement I'd expect to deliver the boat to you but wonder if you have a big enough shed. She is 41ft long and about 13ft deep from the base of the keel but would need a wheeled cradle to draw into a shed. 

If you are interested perhaps you'd care to visit if you were this way and we can discuss possibilities. I am attaching a few photographs taken when the boat was lying in Canvey Island where I acquired her.

Yours sincerely, Richard Ogilvy

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