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Monday, 27 June 2011

Welcome 23rd

It wasn't that long ago that I was waiting with bated keyboard for the 10,000th "hit" and now it's up towards 14,000. Plus there's a Dennis Willard just signed up, so welcome. I would love to know what all the other 22 followers signed up to read. More of the same nonsense I imagine. Let's hope you are not too disappointed. At least no money changed hands.

As I write Peggy Lee is singing Sunny Side of the Street, the sun is down finally after a glorious day that makes the Highlands worth living in, the shed's swept and ready for the next commission, deposit paid,  there is a shhhmall glasshh (they call it a dram up here for my one Iranian follower) of Ardbeg by my computer, the gun punt went south yesterday and all is, temporarily, well with the world. Well, it's not well to be honest, listening to the news, but certainly in this neck of the world things could be a lot worse.

Just heard that Thembi left from the Faroes today en route to Jan Mayen (see posts below). Bon voyage. Meanwhile another club member arrived back from Sweden with his new yacht. All went well until, spinnaker up, he came upon a fishing boat in Edrachilles Bay, in the middle of a very narrow passage. Turns out it's a scallop diving boat. Now, tell me, no A flag visible, no day shapes (but lights signifying restricted in ability to manoeuvre, against the sun mind you), no indication which side he had a diver down; what's our man to make of it, under spinnaker with no room to manoeuvre either. Narrow miss. Angry words...

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