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Friday, 19 August 2011

Now for the Fun Bit

It is always a relief to finish the planking, enjoyable though it is, and stand back for a while before the next stage, which in this case is to face the centreboard case of the 14ft Tammie Norrie with Scots Pine before timbering out begins. The inside has had a few coats of Varnol, mixed with varnish and a drop of Cuprinol, a secret mix that I hope after a few more coats of varnish will ensure longevity and minimal maintenance.

But thinned with pure turps, it does seek out any gaps in the lands, and is thus a pretty good indication of closeness of fit.

Aside from a few characterful  knots (sealed with UCP), which are pretty much unavoidable unless you want to trash all but the clearest timber, she came out well, the pine a nice contrast to the larch timbers steaming in next week. I've gone for larch as I have never seen a break in a larch timber (rib), but plenty in oak ones.

More next week. Meanwhile it's the Royal Loch Broom Sailing Club regatta this weekend. After last week's superb skiff racing regatta, in which Ulla's ladies (women, girls... help me someone) stormed to victory, this will be a more relaxed affair, motion provided by the power of the wind, rather than the size of bicep which, in Ulla's case, collectively, circumferentially would probably encircle a large oak tree. See what I mean?

(one of) Ulla's moment(s) of triumph, captured by Chris Perkins
 Now I'm in real trouble...

Overlooked however in the adulation heaped upon our fearless four (Fiona, Kas, Bev and Sue, with John at the steering wheel) was Loki's performance against the top men's competition from Achiltibuie and Portobello.
This was A class racing against the best, and the Loch Broom Sailing Club's team took two bronze medals, pushing silver at times, while the women's 35+ team took a third, and without even breaking sweat (or whatever ladies/women/girls do. Glow, I believe?)

Two golds and three bronzes then for Ullapool's skiffs. Better and better...

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