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Friday, 2 September 2011

Getting There...

The timbers were steamed in last week and the gunwales, breasthook and transom knees went in over the last day or so, and the whole of the inside given another good soaking in Varnol and Cuprinol. I have discovered a technique whereby you mist the Varnol/pure turpentine mixture using a garden spray (the hand-powered type). The mist seems to settle and cover the surfaces better than using a brush, and it's a breeze to apply a few coats, lightly misted whenever you feel like it, building up to a satin surface, which I find more pleasant than a shiny, yacht sheen.

I call my finish "smart fishing boat" and it seems a more honest and practical way to treat boats built and used up here in the Scottish Highlands. Maintenance involves a freshwater hose down, vacuum and more Varnol, misted over the durfaces.

The Varnol also provides an excellent primer to a final coat of varnish, if that's what you like, and in this case a coat or two of white paint on the bilges (the first two planks up from the keel).

Lovely smell too...

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