The blog will now be devoted not to boat building but to my 82-year-old Vertue, Sally II, now undergoing a well needed refit at Johnson & Loftus in Ullapool (and gliding...)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Launched at Last

Today, a day of calm after the previous weeks' gales, was tailor made for the launching of the Tammie Norrie. Pleased? Well, mostly. I have yet to add a  rubbing strip to the bottom edge of the sheer strake which will accentuate its natural sweep. And there's a plank somewhere up front that could have been wider by half an inch or so and a couple of other details.

The rig needs tweaking up quite a bit, as the tack is a few inches too low and the luff could do with more tension.

But all in all, I'm pretty pleased. Handles nicely, goes upwind with the board down well; bit slow in stays, without way on. And has a safe, solid feel about her, without being in any way lumpen (a nice word). 

And no one around to watch, except for Rona, Bran and Mattis, who is joining me for a few weeks to help with the new project. No onlookers to scratch their chins and mutter (or take unflattering photos of her skipper...!)


  1. You mean Tamara didn't come up for the launch?

    Looks like another fine boat.

  2. Looks lovely. Chilly fingers though, surely?