Vendia 9mm planking from Finland and Collano Semparoc glue from Switzerland, plus a few coats of International Clear Primer, white paint, what a brilliant combination to build a boat. Here's the latest Viking Boats of Ullapool creation, an Iain Oughtred-designed Arctic Tern, the 17ft version, after being turned. and at the long process of fitting out begins.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

That's Better

Perhaps we launched her too soon, before adding the final touches and sorting out the rig (see previous posts). Yesterday, with her rig perked up and her rubbing strip fitted, she looked the part.

And here she is, Tammie Norrie, by Iain Oughtred, built in Scots pine from Balmoral Estate, sails by Steve Hall at North Sea Sails, built by Viking Boats of Ullapool, in all her glory under a big, yellow shiny ball that appeared in the sky finally after weeks of wind and rain.

As the warm spell came to an end Mattis and I took a few hours off from building the Arctic Tern (last strake goes on tomorrow by the way) to launch the wee boat at Ullapool's Wee Pier, and do it properly.

The photos tell the story. The rig is standing lug, with no boom to clout the owners or guests on the loch to which she is bound, and the construction sturdy, although even with 1/2in planking and fully fitted out she floats high enough. Which is an excuse to say once again that building a boat like this in plywood makes her too light, in my opinion.

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  1. She looks wonderful, Adrian, a real credit to you. Any chance that she could attend a certain top secret event down our way, now in its tenth year?

    And yourself of course, it's always nice to see you letting your hair down.