Vendia 9mm planking from Finland and Collano Semparoc glue from Switzerland, plus a few coats of International Clear Primer, white paint, what a brilliant combination to build a boat. Here's the latest Viking Boats of Ullapool creation, an Iain Oughtred-designed Arctic Tern, the 17ft version, after being turned. and at the long process of fitting out begins.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

And now for Something Different...

All this stuff about faerings and nothing about the Shetland yole Mattis is quietly building alongside. I said quietly, when his favourite tool is an electric planer I bought off the back of a lorry and seldom take out of its box.

Anyway, Mattis has taken it to his heart and shapes planks, both tops, bottoms and ends, with it to great success. Whereas as soon as I touch it, it tears great chunks off whatever I am planing. I expect before too long he will be shaving with it (if it weren't for the razor edge he proudly showed me today on his block plane).

Without more ado, here are some shots of Sula, as taken today, with the fifth strake going up. Look and weep, for it is a thing of great beauty and Mattis is indeed a meticulous craftsman.

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