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Friday, 10 August 2012


With any luck we'll pop her in the water this afternoon and see how much water she makes. I used very little if any mastic in the lands; only at the stems anf around the scarphs (a first for me) so it will be interesting to see whether she needs to take up or not.

The steerboard arrangement is a synthesis of all available information without copying anything in particular. Did the Vikings do it the same way every tie? If they were anything like the boat builders I know, they would have been constantly trying something a little different, rather than sticking to the same old pattern. Hence my take on the rudder arrangement.

Any further back and it would have been impossible to use, the helmsman stuck up in the back; any further forward and it would not have been effective. Nor could the aft stammerung or cant frame be moved from its position supporting the stern sections, so the logical answer was to build a sturdy but separate supporting frame for the steerboard. We'll see. If it doesn't work, then it can be removed, as can pretty much everything in a clinker boat with the aid of a file to release the roves.

And bow on there's nothing to compare to the shape of a faering...

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