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Monday, 17 March 2014

Caledonia Turned

Monday saw the Caledonia Yawl turned over, the excess Collano glue planed off the lands and the interior sanded.

Time also to fashion the stempost, which may change to suit the owner. I have however told him, politely,  that I can take more off, but not add anything on. I am crossing my fingers. It may well be up to Ella and Alex who, at this moment are no doubt asking their father: "can we make the stem a little higher, you know like a proper Viking boat with a dragon..." I am not great at dragons, but I know a wood carver who is.

And finally, another plug for Collano Semparoc. Sticks like... and as it expands a little, you don't need to mix it with filler, or pour it on like epoxy and suffer the hideous prospect of having to scrape off the dribbles with a hot knife. Time to clean the interior, with a bull-nosed plane, chisel and a little sanding? Two hours. Is it time to put reassess epoxy?  For my money Collano wins hands down: no mixing, no mess, easy to clean up and very little waste. Tell me if I am wrong.

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