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Sunday, 19 October 2014


Since the last post things have been interesting. After the flood was cleared we were hit by a southerly that sank a boat or two and swamped a Flying Fifteen and now we are braced for the tail of Hurricane Gonzalez.

But the Ilur moves forward with thwarts and aft seating in and rudder and centreplate made.

Photos, as usual, tell the story better. One thing though, plywood boats need a lot of paint... and painting takes days and days to do well. At the moment it's all about fitting out, with nice oak and bits of larch to plane and sand.

The rudder I have faced in 9mm larch to disguise the plywood. I think a nice wooden rudder looks good at the back of any boat and the butt end of a larch board, where is splays out, is just the right shape either for the end of a plank or, in this case, the shape of a rudder stock. It's only cosmetic so you can choose according to grain and figure, rather than strength which the inner ply cheeks have aplenty.

Next stage is to finish the oak seating fore and aft, fit the rubbing strake and start on the floorboards by which time some of the shiny bits will be arriving from Davey...

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