Off she goes, Iain Oughtred's slightly foreshortened Penny Fee, at 15ft. Sails by Jeckells, spars by the wonderful Jeremy Freeland at Collars. The rest by Messrs Burke and Morgan (that's Jonny by the way...)

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Faering Finished

That's it then. The third faering out of the workshop, and the first in Vendia. Nothing I can say now can add to what I said about the material in past blogs, and from now on all my boats will be built using the stuff (unless I get a commission for a solid wooden boat...!)

Thanks Iain for designing such a delightful boat and to Alec Jordan for turning out millimetre perfect planks.

The more traditional framing, by the way, comes from the Woodfish design, rather than the much simpler Elfyn. And you'll note the aft thwart has been moved forward so as to keep crew weight more central if sailing single handed. It is removable if more leg room is need for rowing.

Old photos, I'm afraid, some of them from way back when framing up.
Here goes:


  1. Excellent work Adrian. She looks really sweet.
    Cannot get Vendia downunder but it appears to make a very nice finish.

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