Vendia 9mm planking from Finland and Collano Semparoc glue from Switzerland, plus a few coats of International Clear Primer, white paint, what a brilliant combination to build a boat. Here's the latest Viking Boats of Ullapool creation, an Iain Oughtred-designed Arctic Tern, the 17ft version, after being turned. and at the long process of fitting out begins.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Met Office Latest

OK, so the Met Office having forecasted everything from a glorious spring day with fluffy clouds and a gentle westerly, wafting balmily up the strath, to a full blow snowstorm, what really happened today? Well, The Met Office got it right, in as much as that one of the numerous versions of our weather forecast over the last few days was spot on. Which was hardly surprising as they had tried pretty much everything, in the hope presumably that something might stick.

Trouble is, having said we were to have snow on Friday, late on Thursday afternoon, they chickened out on Friday morning, and as the snow swirled around our little croft house, it was amusing to see on the website the good news that our eyes were in fact mistaken, and those huge snow flakes were indeed cherry blossom.

Certainly felt like snow on my face as I ventured out in T shirt and shorts confident that the money we spend on our weathermen was fully justified. Later, nursing frostbite, I had to admit that my faith was possibly not wholly warranted. Soon afterwards a sheep flew past my window, hastened onwards by a strong westerly wind...

I wonder what's in store for tomorrow?

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