Vendia 9mm planking from Finland and Collano Semparoc glue from Switzerland, plus a few coats of International Clear Primer, white paint, what a brilliant combination to build a boat. Here's the latest Viking Boats of Ullapool creation, an Iain Oughtred-designed Arctic Tern, the 17ft version, after being turned. and at the long process of fitting out begins.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Nutshell Away

For under ten days work I can't really fault the idea of building a tender in plywood, and the Nutshell looks pretty good to me. Both beamy and thus a good load carrier, it also looks pretty from side on. The owner took her away to be finished, so that's just primer on top of the late lamented Woodseal, of which the Nutshell consumed my very last tin. Alas.

Time now to finish the gun punt and then get my head round a Tammie Norrie, which will be quite another matter. Not sure I can remember how to build a proper boat any more. Let's hope it all comes back.

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  1. We know you're not a fan of plywood but how about this the largest plywood structure in the world and very beautiful - also it doesn't float