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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Colder In than Out

The scene was one of frantic activity at Viking Boats International (plc) Ullapool this morning as the stem and sternpost apron laminates were clamped up and the centreline began to take shape. Like most modern boat shops, this one is provided with full draught recycling air flow, to clear fumes and provide for a healthy working environment, ie we open the shed doors to let the warmth in from time to time.

Aprons on the jigs; hog and keel laminated and moulds trial fitted.
The purpose-built facility is furnished with state of the art equipment and the latest gear, as can be seen in the photo above. The climate-controlled conditions are ideal for the setting of the excellent Collano Semparoc adhesives which Viking Boats has endorsed ever since their introduction a few months back (can I have a bigger discount Mr Robbins?).

Seriously though, the Arctic Tern is taking shape steadily, with the centreline coming along nicely. There's a built-in rocker to the keel, which is laminated in three pieces, and the hog, laminated in two. Next step is to laminate the outer stems, using the apron as a jig. Once the aprons are off the jigs, they can be married to the hog and the whole centreline set up. Once it's all squared up and levelled, we can begin to cut the rabbet and, by the end of the week, who knows, maybe we'll have a garboard or two in place. No rush at this stage, and lots of thinking...

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