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Monday, 20 February 2012

We're Off...

The Arctic Tern is underway. Monday saw the hog and keel laminated, and the formers made for the stem and stern posts. Mattis arrived from Ireland to make it all look easy, and already the advantages of two working on a boat rather than one are becoming clear. I've probably learnt as much from him as he has from me, which makes us just about even so far. We have some head scratching over the rabbet to look forward to, as we clearly have our own ways.

If anything my methods tend to be worked out more on the job, whereas Mattis has had the time to work things from plans, which will be useful. My approach is often intuitive. It is as if my hands do the thinking. It's hard to explain in words without doing it.

So far it's working great. Tomorrow we laminate the stems and by the ened of the week we may even have a centreline set up. Then it's garboards time...

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