Off she goes, Iain Oughtred's slightly foreshortened Penny Fee, at 15ft. Sails by Jeckells, spars by the wonderful Jeremy Freeland at Collars. The rest by Messrs Burke and Morgan (that's Jonny by the way...)

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


The small burn that runs under the road above Leckmelm farm burst its banks during a period of intense rainfall on Monday, sending a flash flood through the farm and through my workshop. The photos speak for themselves, as we attempted to clean up the silt that carpeted the shed and dry out tools and salvage what remained of the timber.

The good news is that the Ilur... floats. albeit somewhat prematurely, and was not damaged in the slightest. Nor was the Honda VFR 750 or the little Yanmar waiting to be refurbished, both or which were well high enough and dry enough to escape. But it will be some time before normal service is resumed.

The farm itself has suffered severe damage to roads and cottages.

A number of lambs were swept away and a pet cat, but despite the ferocity of the surge, everyone managed to escape before the deluge struck. And it struck with frightening force and speed. All the turkeys were lost and the silage. So, perhaps, we were fortunate. And fortunate too that Ullapool rallied around to help in a way that makes you proud to be a part of the community.


  1. Dreadful news - hope things get back to normal for everyone soon


  2. I feel sorry for such a misfortune... Courage with the recovery: step by step you will overcome the situation!
    Best luck

    Pablo de Castro

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