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Monday, 1 September 2014

Monday Morning; Sun's Shining, Back to Work...

Nothing like a good clear out, although we would have preferred a more structured approach to the spring or rather autumn cleaning rather than a raging torrent that swept all before it.

But the mud is all cleared and the tools dry and the silver lining is appearing. The flood did afford the opportunity to rethink the storage arrangements and wood stacking which has now been moved outside. Funny what you find amoing the debris; bits of wood that came from various boats over the years. Much of the offcuts I assiduously stacked under the bench has been discarded for firewood. Why I should have thought any of it was ever going to be useful.

The Ilur has been put back on its strongback ready for the next stage. And there is a set of oars nearing completion on the other work bench. Wonder how long before the place gets as cluttered as it was before.

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