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Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Four planks up, on the bench upside down, then on to the strongback.

It's not the most efficient way to build, but I have the time to experiment to some degree and building upside down, while you can still get your head under and do the riveting up, makes sense. But then you have to move the whole lot to the strongback and set up level again.

It does mean that I was able to clean up the bottom of the boat, then do the same inside, so everything looks nice and tidy for the photos!

The moulds have since been put back in and everything levelled up ready for the fifth plank. And building right way up allows me to eyeball the lines when it comes to the crucial last four strakes.

Here's what I am seeing. Pleased, yes. Complacent? No. I can see there's a slight bump at station 2, which will need addressing before the fifth plank is fitted, something I am not sure I would have spotted when it was on the bench. See what I mean? A few strokes of the plane should sort that out before it gets out of hand.

Why is it that it's always station two that tries to get away from you. Probably because, although the width at that point is the same as the plank below, it lies more vertical, and the eye sees more of it. Why am I so honest about what can go wrong? I hope you appreciate it!

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